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Scholarships, Clubs and Ancestors


To apply of a scholarship, this is what you must submit.

  • All applicants need to to supply a photograph
  • An essay¬† with a minimum length of 500 words about what you plan to do goal wise and explain to us why this or many of our scholarships would be important to you.
  • All applicants need to submit a scholarship application that you can get from us if you just email us with that request.
  • All applicants need also to supply an who I am page outlining the activities, honors, clubs, sports, achievements, and anything else that might be of importance to the staff reviewing the applications.

Philaudc Local Scholarship
The Endowed Scholarship is for a female or a male who has a ancestor that served in the Civil War. It is done annually and it is renewable until the graduation from college. There is a minimum GPA of 3.5 to qualify for this scholarship. The value of this scholarship is based on what the interest earned during the prior year was.

The Lundal Award

This is not a scholarship but an award. It is awarded April 15 . It is a 1000.00 plus award (depending on interest from the year). It is awarded to the student that has the best essay outlining the importance of this award for them and their education.

The Dowe Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is at $700 and raises yearly by $100. It is awarded to the student with the most “blood line” of the Civil War descendants. It is awarded by the current president and is awarded on April 20 for the next year

The deadline for all scholarship applications is December 31st and only up for consideration if applications are fill out in entirely.



Other clubs that we recognize are the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable, the Civil War Club A Quilter’s Oasis, and Reenactments Units – The Civil War Reenacting. If you are a member of another association let us so we can see about putting a link to them on our site.


This part of the website we are building as of now. So if you have your lineage available to you please send it to us and we will start to update this part of the site with the many men and women of the Civil War and there family trees.

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